Onyx Shutter
Shutter Installation
The Basswood Preparation

Our wood is imported from Europe. The texture of this wood is more resilient, and provides a more uniform wood grain.Once wood is received it is cut into usable portions and placed into a kiln for 45 - 50 days where temperature and moisture levels are controlled. Once out of the kiln the wood is stabilized by a 15 day cooling process. When the wood is ready for manufacturing it is shaped into the shutter components (louvers, stiles, top and bottom rails) by precise cutting. The components are primed and sanded multiple times in order to make a durable and smooth primer base. Stapling of louvers, tilt rods, mitering of frames, drilling of Hoffman keys and magnet holes are prepared at the same time as well. 
The Paint and Assembly

Once all pieces of the shutter are made it is assembled and examined for gaps. Then the shutter is cleaned and prepared for paint. Our shutters are sanded and painted multiple times to ensure there is a smooth painted surface for the polyurethane finish to be applied. They require a 12-24 hour drying period before a second preassembly is preformed. All details are checked at this inspection (i.e. good finish, gaps between louvers and stiles, 45 degree miter cuts, magnets, washers and hinges.
Multiple Sequences of Hand Sanding & Polyurethane Finish Applied

We perform multiple sequences of sanding with fine sandpaper and coating with high-quality stain and paint. The clear polyurethane finish provides these characteristics: hardness, strength, UV resistance, water resistance and color retention.
The Packaging

Our shutters are packaged in 200 gram cardboard which is thicker than most cardboard used. Styrofoam strips placed in between the panels as well. This ensures the best protection of the shutter during transportation.
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  • 4-5 Weeks which is the quickest in the industry.
Pre-Framed Shutters 
  • All shutters 36" and under are packaged already framed and ready to hang. Installers love Onyx.
On Line Order Status
  • Dealers have the ability to check their Orders Status on this web site.
Text Notifications
  • Dealers are texted the day their orders are delivered.
Delivery to Las Vegas / Henderson: Shutters@ 4-5 Weeks, Blinds@ 3-5 Days, Shades@ 2-3 Weeks
"Invite the Warmth of Wood Shutters into Your Home."
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